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One Of The Galaxy S5’s Best Features May Not Make It To The Galaxy S6 VERIFIED

I own this phone and I am selling it because it fails very often to lock focus correctly. In the DxOMark report for focus it says: . For me loosing so many shots because of bad focus is unacceptable. I also own a galaxy Note 3 which is much slower at focusing but it is nearly 100% precise... it's a pity because the fast HDR is really amazing with this phone and the phone feels fast too.

One of the Galaxy S5’s best features may not make it to the Galaxy S6

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I have the S4, my son has the S5. Photos and video are better with our S5. However, color on the DP comparison looks better on S4. Looks to me iPhone and galaxy are about equal. Blackberry also looks great here. I want that square blackberry, may be my next phone.

At one point I'd have disagreed with you. But until MS get up to speed and offer basic things like smart dialling, removable storage, accessible battery and USB OTG in the camera flagships, I'm sticking to my cheaply bought second hand galaxy note.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 was one of the best Android smartwatches we'd seen in years, and it only needed a couple of upgrades to make it even better. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 seems to have fixed those flaws, as the screen is more durable and those long charging times have improved. But, of course, those improvements have upped the price. While you can find the Watch 4 for under $200, the Galaxy Watch 5 starts at $280. That's a significant smartwatch investment even if you trade in last year's model, but it may be worth the cost depending on your lifestyle.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Watch 4 are available in 40mm and 44mm sizes, so both use the same 20mm bands and straps. Under this design, Samsung makes it possible for the best watch bands to be interchangeable between the two models. This exchangeability is especially great if you're a watch band collector. Being able to swap bands gives you the freedom to choose from a large variety of bands, plus you don't have to purchase new ones to add to your collection.

If you haven't bought a Galaxy Watch 5 yet, and you're looking to finally get in on the best Android smartwatch on the market, absolutely buy the Galaxy Watch 5. The Sapphire Crystal Glass display, improved battery life, sleep tracking, and upcoming skin temperature sensor make this model completely worth the upgrade, even if the Watch 4 is discounted these days.

I actually have a similar problem but my phone sometimes the blue light is on and sometimes off and also their cracks . This problem occured when my little sister threw it out of rage plz tell me what the problem is and give me a solution .the phone is a samsung galaxy s6 .plz give me permanent and temporary solutions.

WE HAVE A lot to say about the new Samsung Galaxy S6 (samsung. com/galaxys6). For one, I can't get over the fact that it kind of looks like an iPhone--my Macworld colleagues certainly agree--and two, it's obvious Samsung put a lot more effort into this phone than the past few generations of its flagship Galaxy family.

I am using crickets galaxy s5 no repairs all original parts no cracks a lot of scratches on the plastic ran over by a wheel chair and dropped several dozen times with a 54GB SD card my brother bought every new I phone they broke cracked or he just wanted an upgrade I spent $550.00 and he spent thousands of dollars point made 350c69d7ab


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